1. Flight as the fact.
Flights are usually held as early in the morning as approximately 5 to 9 o’clock in the morning, in the evening - from 17 o’clock till 21 o’clock (not later than in 3 hours after rising and not earlier than 3 hours up to a decline, obligatory in the daytime). At strong wind - above 5 m/s and-or deposits HAB flights are not possible. The balloon always flies with speed of a wind. The wind is the unique factor which moves a balloon horizontally. Therefore a place of landing is not always possible to define precisely even at start. Noise of burners is approximately 115 Db, which is the reason of pilot and organizers do not guarantee steady communication (during flight) with passenger‘s relatives on the ground - see paragraph 5. The passenger should consider, that HAB team has to lead the after flight service, which takes up to 2 hours.

2. Organizational matter (a way of arrival on a launch place, returning from a place of landing).
Passenger should arrive to a place of carrying out of the pre-flight briefing declared in advance. One HAB is able to take aboard from 2 up to 5 person, depending on the HAB type. The question of transportation (vehicle choice) to a launch place and of a place of landing should be solved BEFORE THE FLIGHT!
The crew will appreciate your help after landing.

3. Clothing.
Any kind of casual dress, preferable – sports, which is not a pity for soiling. Women should refrain from a high heel footwear, we would recommend tracking boots. The headdress - a cap, a blazer or a kerchief - is desirable.

4. Activity at preparation to flight.
The main passenger‘s task - not prevent the crew to carry out to a pre-flight preparation. Though passenger is obliged to give a feasible under first requirement of the crew commander.

5. Actions during the HAB flight. DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!
You are welcome to express your admiration, make a chronics of the flight (the compact photo/cinema/video equipment is welcomed). The pilot not always able to answer all your questions and inquiries, - see paragraph 2. Proceeding from the reasons stated in the same place, we kindly ask you to refrain from asking pilot to take right or left and move any certain point you may prefer. Move inside a basket (gondola) without jumps, basically - on a pilot‘s command, considering that your position in a basket should not prevent to operate the flight. It is forbidden:
· to take pets/wild animals and children, not yet reached a side of a basket in growth (defined individually);
· to have a flight in a condition of an alcoholic/other intoxication;
· to smoke during flight.

6. Actions at landing.
On a pilot‘s command of landing the passenger should hide, fix personal property (the field-glass, the camera, a bag). During a ground contact you should bend your legs. Hands on a basket board are forbidden, you may keep your hands only with the rope hand-rail inside gondola. You must not (see item 5) leave gondola without a pilot‘s command!

If you‘ve got an obviously expressed fear of height or you are inclined to nonconventional methods of a suicide, try to choose try to choose a different way of realization of struggle against these kind of aspirations.